Streets of Kamurocho OST

Thanks to Empty Clip Studios, RGG Studio, and Sega, I got to re-imagine Hidenori Shoji‘s super-energetic and awesome music as if it were created with the Sega chip!

Streets of Kamurocho is a pretty fun mashup of the amazing Yakuza series and the much-loved classic Streets of Rage II. It’s basically your favorite Yakuza characters teleported into Streets of Rage. This game was initially released in October to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sega. Will there be more? I sure hope so, as it inspired me to go back and play more beloved classics on Sega Megadrive.

Streets of Kamurocho trailer

I got to recreate the classic Streets of Rage II intro and title screen music as well. It’s always educational to decipher the original tracks and discover the clever tricks and innovations that give a game its sound.