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Cliff Caruthers is an awesome composer.


More projects:

miba (Miltner/Bartscher)

Miltner/Glick-Rieman Group


Past contributions and performances include:

The San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival


(2011, 8:03, stereo)

Syrinx is an exploration of the common harmonic ground between recorded
bird sounds, human voice, insects, and a variety of high-frequency electronic
textures. The piece began as an attempt to determine when, sonically, a bird
becomes a bug, a voice, or a synthetic version of itself, and dissolved over
the course of its creation into introspection, an oppressive field of locusts,
ominous drones, interpretations of Sylvia Plath, celestial float.

This piece was diffused live at the San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2012.