Tiny Marble’s “Burds” is live in the App Store and doing great!


Go, little burdies, go! Burds, the addictive puzzle game created by Justin Cooper and Troy Sandal at Tiny Marble, is currently featured in the “Best New Games” category in the App Store. I couldn’t be more delighted. It’s a charming game that was a pleasure to work on. Every SFX in this game is very musical: There are tons of tiered musical rewards, and I had a lot of fun voicing the singing burds. I used some pitch and formant shifters to make the burd voices cute and small, and layered the results to get a chorus of them. The basic tweets and chirps for when you connect 2 or more are crafted with a little FM synth magic. This game’s art was an inspiration — I fell in love immediately and the characters’ warbly little singing voices came to me quickly. Check it out here: Burds iOS


3 thoughts on “Tiny Marble’s “Burds” is live in the App Store and doing great!

  1. Hey Kirsten, sorry I have no Facebook and cannot find a way to directly contact you but I was wondering if maybe I could use one or two of your tracks for my mobile game? I won’t unless I hear something. Thanks

  2. Thanks, I cannot for the life of me find the way to pm. But I’m interested in the rates, could you please contact matthewh618@gmail.com?

    Music will be my last step so its quite far off and I have to see of squaresoft will ceast and desist my main charactor

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