Professional Sound Design and Music *hidden

A creative, attentive ear, and diverse experience in sound design, music composition, and audio implementation for many platforms, including iOS, social media, web, and console games. Always seeking an imaginative and active environment with other artists who create fun, intuitive and inventive games.

Credits include: Tiny Marble’s Burds (iOS), TCPI’s Pokemon TCG Online, WoTC/Hasbro’s Kaijudo TCG Online, WoTC/Hasbro’s Magic The Gathering Online, Electrified Games’ Cafe 51, Super Saga Studio’s Heroes and Havoc, Crowdstar’s Happy Aquarium, Happy Pets, Zoo Paradise, Mattel’s “Xtractaurs”, SimAnimals (Wii), Leapfrog Leapster: Sponge Bob Square Pants Saves the Day, Leapster Arcade Games Word Chasers, Letterpillar, Number Raiders.

Specialties: Music composition, sound design, logo creation, UI sound design, cut scene scoring, custom instrument creation for social, iOS/Android and console games. Imaginative backgrounds for small-footprint projects. Dynamic interactive music systems. Max/MSP/Jitter. Audio integration in Unity. HTML5 Web Audio API, PlayCanvas.