Selected Game Audio

Heroes & Havoc Trailer

The plan for this blog was that the majority of my posts be about my personal work as a sound artist and composer. But I’m finding that most of the time, I’d rather post about game audio work I’m particularly proud of, because the day job has gotten so…well.. interesting, to me, as a tweaker of all things audio. This is the first game trailer I’ve done in a while, and I found it challenging to be the composer, sound designer and mastering engineer, and turn it around in a little over 48 hours. Congrats to the Electrified Games art team for producing such beautiful work.

Music and Sound Design for the Kaijudo Online TCG

I designed the sound effects and composed the music for WoTC’s Kaijudo Online TCG. The in-game background music has 2 layers that are dynamically mixed according to game state. In the player’s and opponent’s attack phase, a more percussive layer ramps up, and fades down again when the game returns to its more strategic mana phase. ¬†Also, in this capture you’ll see that my opponent casts the Spectre Claw spell on me, so you get to hear one of my favorite examples of the spell sound effects I created for this game.